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Token Introduction

A Decentralized Token that created the First Crypto EcoVERSE!

SymBULL, RIDE, CHARGE — BullSwap — Innovative Reward System — BullRUN NFT Game — The SymBULL EcoVerse!

SymBULL is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of SymBULL will earn 8% reward from every Buy/Sell Transaction in Binance pegged BUSD, which is automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding SymBULL.

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24 Hour Volume


Burned Tokens


Circulating Supply


BUSD Rewarded to Holders

What Makes Up the SymBULL EcoVERSE?


The SymBULL token is our foundational currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions, of it in their wallets.


With a total supply of ONLY 100,000 tokens, it represents the other end of our EcoVerse. RIDE is the second token incentivized on BullSwap and will offer lucrative rewards for the holders providing its liquidity.


CHARGE has 250,000,000 tokens, and is designed to fit perfectly between the previous two tokens in regards to circulating supply. Moreover, the token is a Governance token which will allow the #BullArmy to vote on upcoming proposals on our BULL DAO.

Token's Functionality

Token’s Functionality – SymBULL, RIDE, and CHARGE, will come together to create BullSwap, the next evolution in DeFi platforms. BullSwap gives users the ability to STOMP (provide liquidity), TOSS (stake), and SWAP tokens to gain BULL Returns through our sophisticated and innovative passive income reward system. SymBULL is proud to be a Yield Generation token which rewards its holders in Binance pegged BUSD and is establishing the new standard of DeFi Tokeneconomics with its innovative and game-changing Token distribution strategy. SymBULL is designed to be held, but benefits holders in times of expected cryptocurrency volatility. With an equivalent in and out tax system, all price actions will provide the same rewards.


SymBULL Whitepaper

SymBULL and its tokens will be the native currency of decentralized exchange BullSwap. Users can use their SymBULL to earn rewards to provide trading liquidity, buy and sell non-fungible tokens, stake them, and earn interest for validating transactions, and more.


SymBULL Tokenomics

Token Name


Token Type


Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Initial Token Supply

20 Billion


8% or 1.6B


28% or 5.6B


14% or 2.8B

Initial Supply Burned

50% or 10B

BULL RUN Mechanism

Crypto's First Ever Bull Run Mechanism

The Bull Run is funded by the 3% fee from SymBULL's tokenomics. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB and locked and stored in the SymBULL contract. There are two types of Bull Run's. There is the Bull Run, which generates a long green candle in the chart. While Bull Rise kicks in to discourage early sellers with small buybacks. 3% of every transaction is transferred into the liquidity pool for Pancakeswap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).

SymBULL Main Features

Earn automatic Binance pegged BUSD rewards by holding your SymBULL – 8% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically redistributed to all token holders.

You will receive the rewards automatically in your wallet or claim them manually in our dApp Dashboard.
This effectively means that the native reflection of SymBULL works in parallel with Stable Yield, generating a Compound Reflection effect and exponentially increasing your holdings.

3% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically added to Buy-Back Reserve. The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB and securely locked and stored in the SymBULL contract.

The contract is coded so that the BNB in the Strategic Reserves cannot be withdrawn and can only be utilized to buy back SymBULL coins from the open market and burn them. The project’s contract has two different BuyBack systems: The main one, Bull Run Buyback, is a large buyback deployed strategically at specific moments and generates a big green candle in the chart.

Bull Run is executed when the chart most needs it. When volume is low, the Bull Rise System kicks in, and small buys will happen to discourage early sellers. This creates a proper burn and guarantees the price per token will increase every time the buyback is activated.

Our contract counts with a simple, straightforward anti-whale: No sale amounts higher than 0.10% of the total supply are possible at once. Initially, it was at 0.20% but after 50% Tokens were burnt we have reduced it by 50%.

This discourages or at least reduces big selloffs since the amount will be lower in the end.

3% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Pancakeswap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity Pool mechanism.

A liquidity pool always contains a pair of tokens, which you can trade. Our Smart contract deposits 3% from every buy/sell transaction as SymBULL and $BNB into a liquidity pool.

SymBULL, RIDE, and CHARGE, come together to create BullSwap, the next evolution in DeFi platforms. BullSwap gives users the ability to Stomp (provide liquidity), Toss (stake), and SWAP tokens to gain RAGING Returns through our sophisticated and innovative passive income reward system.

Through the launch on BullSWAP the BullRun NFT Series will be launched. The BullRun NFTs will become a part of the future PVP NFT Blockchain game called BullRUN. BullRun will be an awesome Metaverse built around open world gaming and a chance to build future value into your BullRUN NFT's.


Transaction Fee's

14% transaction fees for Buys

14% transaction fees for Sells

SymBULL Roadmap

Phase 1
  • Social Media Sites
    • Facebook
    • Telegram
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • Launch Project Pre-Sale
  • Apply for Listing on CoinGecko
  • Apply for Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Marketing on crypto channels (PooCoin, Etc)
  • Press Releases announcing SymBULL and the first ever EcoVERSE!
  • Partner with Influencers around the world
  • Third Party Audit
  • Partnerships built with Childrens worldwide for charity
Phase 2
  • Staking Vault begins for SymBULL.
  • BullSwap development begins
  • Increase Marketing spend on Crypto and Social Channels
  • Community builds Awareness of the BULL
  • Charity Donation to Children's Charity to be decided
  • Apply for Additional Exchange Listings
  • Build Partnership with Simplex (To offer direct purchase with Visa and Debit)
  • Website Redesign to upgrade information to add SymBULL Ecoverse along with Gaming feel to website.
  • SymBULL Merchandise Store Open for business.
Phase 3
  • Secure Development Partners for SymBULL
  • Secure crypto Industry Advisors for SymBULL Ecoverse
  • Community develops more awareness for SymBULL Project
  • Largest Influencer Marketing Push
  • Community vote for future initiatives
  • Partner with crypto influencers around the world
  • Charity Donation to worldwide Children's charity
  • List on additional exchanges
  • RoadMap is updated to include additional project focus and platform
Phase 4
  • BullSwap Beta testing begins - All token holders of SymBULL get to beta test
  • First Generation of The BULLS NFT Series is released
  • Increase Marketing on all platforms
  • Website Redesign to update to current project status
  • New Updated WhitePaper is released
  • SymBULL takes over social media sites as hottest crypto of 2022.
  • Soft Launch of Farming and Staking on BullSWAP
Phase 5
Bull Run
  • Increase Marketing of BullSwap Game platform
  • Increase Marketing of SymBULL Token on all exchanges
  • Community will generate large sponsorships worldwide
  • Community will help build infrastructure in countries around the world who don’t have monetary instruments
  • New Moon RoadMap for future phases is launched, adding to the ecosystem of SymBULL Platforms over the next ten years.

SymBULL Team


Head of Development


Head of Technology

The Purpose


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SymBULL Partners